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Flanders Spirits / D-Gin


An exclusive Gin in three versions, Gold Edition, Ice Crush Edition, Pink Summer Edition with 40% Alcohol content..  
D-Gin is a trendy exclusive Gin with a pure and full taste. He is described as: exclusive, artisan, tasteful, contemporary, and above all tasty. Presented in 50cl Bottles

Rei Gin 
Dry and Elderflower.
 Rei Gin Dry and Rei Gin Elferflower : Tastefull London dry gins with 40% Alcohol and 70cl Bottles.

Gold, Sky, Rose.
Rei Gin Gold, Rei Gin Sky and Rei Gin Rose are taste- and colorfull gins with 40% Alcohol and presented in 70cl Bottles.

Rei Vodka 
Rei Vodka, a spirit for the vodka lovers and cocktail mixers. 40% Alcohol bottled in 70cl Bottles. 

D-Rum - Tresor of Trinidad
D-Rum is premium Dark 3 year aged Rum blended in Belgium. 40% Alcohol bottled in 70cl Bottles. 

Licuere d'Oro Limongino
Fresh and tasty liquer based on zest of fresh italian lemons and our great Gin. The intense strong taste is obtained by means of infusion.


Flanders Spirits / D-Gin
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